The Saint is now on Netflix

The Saint on NetflixWould you like to watch The Saint on Netflix? In this action movie, you will meet Simon Templar, a thief stealing from the wealthy/bad and giving to the needy.

The Saint is now available in all Netflix regions (I think), but please correct me if I am wrong. Write a comment and let me know if you live in a nation in which you cannot stream The Saint on Netflix.

Even though The Saint is a movie produced on a low budget, it is still an entertaining movie with great jokes. The first time we meet Simon Templar, he is in Russia. There he tries to take gold from some bad guys, to help children in Romania get whatever they need. During his visit to Russia, he meets an officer from FBI who later gets very eager to catch the famous Simon Templar, better known as The Saint.

The story isn’t very original, but it still works, and I had a great time watching The Saint on Netflix.

The Saint on Netflix

As far as I know, you can stream The Saint (2017) in all Netflix regions. If you, however, want to stream the original The Saint movie from 1997 with Val Kilmer, you will have to get access to Norwegian or US Netflix.

I hope you will enjoy the movie as well. If you have any thoughts or comments on The Saint, write them down in the comment field beneath.

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