Do different Netflix plans get different movies?

Someone just told me that I could watch this great movie on Netflix, but I couldn’t find it, even though my friends can. What is wrong? Is it because they have a more expensive subscription or something like that?

Are you sad because you cannot find content said to be available on Netflix?
Are you sad because you cannot find content said to be available on Netflix?

As you might know, there are different Netflix subscriptions available. But, those subscriptions have nothing to do with content, purely with how many devices you can use simultaneously and the quality of what you stream. So, I can immediately give you a no answer… Different Netflix plans don’t get different movies.


There are a few factors that might cause the differences that you are speaking about. Here are my suggestions, and probably you will fall into one of these categories.

  • Sometimes a movie is made available in the USA, but it takes kind of time for it to turn visible to all users in the United States. If the friend you are speaking about lives in the same nation as you and can see certain content that you can not see, maybe you just have to wait for a while (if it was just added).
  • It is important to know, that even though Netflix is a global company, the content available is limited to regions/nations. When a movie is added to Netflix in the USA, there is no guarantee that the same movie will be added to Netflix in Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Japan or Australia at the same time. If your friend in Canada tells you about a great movie on Netflix, do not be surprised if you cannot find it if you are located somewhere else. That is entirely normal, and it has to do with copyright regulations.
  • If you (or your friend) is using a VPN (without knowing about it), you might see the content of Netflix in another region, without actually knowing that you are in another region. To find out if this is you, check your IP address right away.

What can you do if the content you are looking for is in another region?

You should probably just wait for it to arrive in your region someday. But, if you lack patience like I do, then you can also read my instructions on how to get access to other Netflix regions easily right away.

I hope this has answered your question. If you have further questions or comments, use the comment field beneath.

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