The movie Gran Turismo is on Netflix! This article shows you how to watch Gran Turismo on Netflix if it is unavailable in your country!

Gran Turismo, often called GT, is a popular video game series known for its realistic racing simulation. The series was created by Kazunori Yamauchi and developed by Polyphony Digital. The first Gran Turismo game was released in 1997 for the Sony PlayStation. But, Gran Turismo is much more than a game for all sorts of gaming consoles and computers. It is also an action-packed movie from 2023 starring Archie Madekwe, Darren Barnet, David Harbour, Djimon Hounsou, Geri Halliwell, Josha Stradowski, Orlando Bloom, and Takehiro Hira.

The idea behind the game Gran Turismo was to provide players with a lifelike driving experience, featuring authentic car models, realistic physics, and detailed tracks. Yamauchi, a racing enthusiast, wanted to create a game that captured the essence of the Gran Turismo (Grand Touring) style of racing, which involves long-distance, high-speed driving on both highways and closed circuits.

Since its inception, Gran Turismo has evolved with each new installment, introducing advancements in graphics, car selection, and gameplay features. The series has become a benchmark for racing simulations in the gaming industry, attracting a dedicated fan base worldwide. Gran Turismo’s impact on the racing game genre is significant, and it continues to be a popular and influential franchise in the gaming community.

gran turismo on netflix

How can you watch Gran Turismo on Netflix?

Do you remember the Spice Girls? If your answer is no, you are probably not very old. But, one of the actors in the movie Gran Turismo (Geri Halliwell) is actually one of the singers from the popular group. Still, the biggest name in Gran Turismo is Orlando Bloom, a man many remember especially for his role in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Are you ready to stream the movie about the teenager Jann Mardenborough who is extremely good at computer games, and who wants to use the same knowledge to become a really good driver in real life?

Gran Turismo was released on Netflix in India on November 25.

Since then, it hasn’t been added to Netflix in any other country. As a result, you need to get access to Indian Netflix to stream Gran Turismo online. Is that even possible? Yes!

Grand Turismo on Netflix in India.

You can stream the movie on Netflix in India. The best way to watch content on Indian Netflix abroad is by using the VPN services of ExpressVPN. Click the button below to get three months of ExpressVPN for free as you buy a 12-month subscription.

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If you connect to an ExpressVPN server in India you will get an Indian IP address and Netflix and other services will believe that you are in India. As a consequence, you can launch the Netflix application on your computer or device and you will immediately see the content of Indian Netflix.

There are lots of VPN providers you can read about on the Internet. Even though many of them provide you with IP addresses in India, 99% are blocked by Netflix. As a result, you will not find Gran Turismo on Netflix, even though you have an Indian IP address. That is why it is important to use ExpressVPN, as this service gives you an Indian IP address that gives real access to the content on Indian Netflix (and Netflix content in nearly 15 other countries).

You can use one subscription on multiple devices simultaneously, and it is also useful to know that ExpressVPN has a 30-day full refund policy. If you don’t like the service, or if it doesn’t work the way you hoped for, cancel your subscription and get a full refund.

You are now ready to stream Gran Turismo on Netflix, no matter if you are in India or in some other country.

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