Cannot find Harry Potter on Netflix? These instructions will help you!

Are you looking for Harry Potter on Netflix, but unable to find the movies? These quick instructions will show you how to stream all the movies on Netflix in a few minutes.

I will not waste my words. The Harry Potter movies are only on Netflix in the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia. If you live elsewhere, you can search for hours, but you will not find the movies. What can you do? Follow these instructions!

harry potter and the philosophers stone

Move virtually to watch Harry Potter online!

All you need to watch Harry Potter online is to virtually move to Australia, Japan, or the United Kingdom. This is possible by using the VPN services of NordVPN.

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NordVPN is a VPN provider with servers in lots of countries. As you connect to one of their servers in, for example, Japan, you will do all your online movements through that server. All your data is encrypted in the process, thus giving you additional security, and also hiding your original location.

Instead, all websites will believe that you are located in Japan, and you will surf the web with a Japanese IP address. What is the consequence? As you visit the Netflix website, it will believe that you are in Japan, and you will see all the content of Japanese Netflix.

If you have followed these instructions, you are ready to watch all the Harry Potter movies on Netflix immediately.

Wasn’t that easy? You can read more about how to watch Netflix content in all sorts of countries here at

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