Is The Night Manager on Netflix?

I would like to watch The Night Manager on Netflix, but I am not really sure if it is there. Can you help me? Can I watch The Night Manager on Netflix?

I would love to help you out, and in fact I will, but you might not be so happy with the answer. The Night Manager is a fantastic TV series produced by AMC that you should watch, but unfortunately it can not be watched on Netflix. But, Netflix is not the only platform on which The Night Manager is unavailable. You can not watch it on HBO Now, on Hulu or on NOW TV either. That is why the best option might be to watch it as an Instant Video on instead.

The Night Manager on Netflix
Hugh Laurie in The Night Manager

What is The Night Manager about?

The Night Manager tells the story of a night manager, Jonathan Pine, who works at a hotel in Cairo in Egypt. There he gets hold of confidential information from the lover of an important guy, but when she gets killed Mr. Pine plans his revenge. He wants to take down one of the biggest criminals in the world, but that ain’t easy. The Night Manager consists of eight episodes, and all episodes last for 40 minutes.

This is a brilliant TV series, almost like a long film, and I can warmly recommend it to anyone! Hugh Laurie plays the bad guy of the story, while the good guy (the Night Manager) is played by Tom Hiddleston!

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