A new season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix

orange is the new blackThe fourth season of Orange is the New Black is now on Netflix worldwide. You do not need to change your Netflix region, you do not need to do anything… just sit down and watch it!

Orange is the New Black is one of the most popular original Netflix series on the market. It was warmly received already during the first season and has since then just turned more and more popular. Since this is a Netflix original series we are speaking about, it can be streamed online in all Netflix regions without thinking about changing your Netflix region or similar stuff.

I am not a big fan of Orange is the New Black myself, simply because it is not the kind of TV series that I like. I am much more fond of comedies, or the pure action series like NCIS, Blindspot, and even CSI. But, Orange is the New Black is without a doubt popular, and there are millions of fans worldwide now eager to stream the entire fourth season. Some people have for sure watched all episodes already (as it was released yesterday), but be aware of the fact that “binge-streaming” isn’t recommended by doctors, and probably not very healthy either. If you watch the episodes from a bike in your living room, it might be, but most people rather watch TV combined with some snacks, and if you do that continuously for 12-15 hours, you will not feel very good afterward.

What else to stream on Netflix for Christmas?

If you want to watch something great on Netflix during Christmas, what should you stream? I do not have the perfect answer, but why not stream the Netflix original with Billy Murray from 2016 in which he tries to celebrate Christmas with his friends?

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