Collateral Beauty on Netflix

collateral beauty on netflixOne of the most beautiful movies of 2016, Collateral Beauty, can now be seen on Netflix. Sounds good?

At the moment, you can only stream Collateral Beauty on Scandinavian Netflix, that is if you reside in Norway, Sweden, Denmark of Finland. For a long time I had a working method that would help you get access to Norwegian Netflix from abroad, but unfortunately, that method doesn’t seem to work anymore. In other words, if you live in one of these nations, enjoy this great opportunity to stream Collateral Beauty on Netflix. If you do not reside in any of these nations, look around for a walk-around, or wait for Collateral Beauty to arrive on Netflix in the nation you are currently in.

In Collateral Beauty we meet Will Smith. He is extremely sad, and angry at the universe for treating him the way it has. But, what is the solution? He needs to look to himself, and he gets some help along the way.

If you haven’t seen Collateral Beauty yet, hurry up and watch it on Netflix (or somewhere else). It is absolutely worth watching!

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