New on Netflix in December 2015

Are you looking for a film that has recently been added to Netflix in December, or in the end of November 2015? Here you can see a little YouTube video presenting the highlights of films that has been added to Netflix within the last weeks!

If you have looked through the film you can see that the biggest of all highlights is probably the first of all Star Wars films, the so called: Star Wars: A New Hope, from 1977. This can be seen on South American Netflix, meaning in for example Brazil, Panama and in Mexico. You can also see that Marley and Me has been added, a real bad film that I almost can not stand, but since some people liked it, I still included it on the list.

Bride Wars

Among the other films presented you can find Bride Wars, The Karate Kid (the original film from 1984), Danny Collins and also the third season of Elementary, the CBS series that has just launched the first episodes of season 4.

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To know more about how you can watch all these films and jump between Netflix regions, why not take a look at the following article in which I describe this step by step how it can be done easily!

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