Death to Selfie on Netflix!

Death to Selfie is not a series about deleting your Facebook and Twitter profile, or not about how you should not post a picture of yourself to Instagram in the future weeks. This is a series going much deeper than that!

death to selfie on netflixWhy is it that more than a million selfies are posted online each day. But there is a conflict between who we really are and who we would want to be. There is a conflict between who we think we are, who other people think we are, and what the reality is.

In this teaching series in which Steven Furtick teaches us about death to selfie, a way of discovering our true character and our true selves. He is the pastor of Elevation Church, one of the fastest growing churches in the world at the moment.

Death to Selfie on Netflix

If you want to watch Death To Selfie then you can watch it both on Netflix in the USA and Netflix in Canada at the moment (I think you can watch it in the UK as well). No matter where you are you can easily jump between Netflix regions in the following article. If you want to know more about other Christian movies on Netflix then I recommend the following article.

Notice that you can now also see Joyce Meyer on Netflix, in Canada. So, there is quite a lot of Christian teaching coming to Netflix, so if you want to watch something that will clearly build you up, then go for it, because Netflix is getting better and better!

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  1. I found #deathtoselfie one night that I was really hurting and praying really needing a word from God. Randomly I typed Christian in the Netflix search bar and this is what came up. The preaching has totally transform my heart and mind Thank you for giving into the Lord I was the life that was changed.
    Patricia MN

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