My First Love – a New Netflix original from South Korea

Netflix seems to like South Korea and South Korean creativity, because for the second time in a short while they have announced another South Korean production to go global on Netflix.

Last week I wrote about The Love Alarm, a series based on an alarm that goes off whenever someone has romantic feelings for you within a 10 meters proximity.

My First Love on Netflix in 2019 - Source: Pixabay
My First Love on Netflix in 2019 – Source: Pixabay

On September 14th, a brand new cooperating was announced. The project is called My  First Love and it will be directed by Oh Jin-seok and written by Kim Min-seo. They will start with the production in the coming months, and the series is supposed to go live in all Netflix regions in 2019.

What is My First Love about?

My First Love aims to tell the story of when students meet one another and experience love for the first time. The actors taking part in the series will be South Korean, meaning that this will be a real South Korean series that will be made available to everyone globally.

The first season of My First Love will consist of eight episodes.

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