Love Alarm – sounds like a great series!

love alarm webtoonNetflix just announced that they will launch the Korean series Love Alarm to the international audience sometime in 2019. What is Love Alarm all about?

Can you imagine walking around on the street, and whenever someone within a radius of 10 meters has a romantic feeling for you, the love alarm starts beeping on your mobile phone? That is the storyline of the Korean series Love Alarm, which will go international on Netflix is 2019. The series is based on the works of the author Chon Kye-young, which first created this to be a cartoon created for the Internet.

It might sound fantastic with such an application, but in Love Alarm, people start wondering what life was like before the app came around. How was it when feelings were more hidden and couldn’t be noticed in such a way?

Love Alarm will be created with eight episodes, and it will be produced by Studio Dragon.

Love Alarm should have been here already

As I did some more research, I discovered articles from 2017 which said that Love Alarm would go international on Netflix already in 2018. That wasn’t right, but hopefully, they will do better this time, and we will actually get to see Love Alarm on Netflix in 2019.

What do you think about Love Alarm? Does it sound like an interesting series? Based on what I have read, I for sure look forward to it and will give it a try when it is released!


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