Max & Ruby on UK Netflix

Max and RubyAccording to several websites Max and Ruby can now be seen on both US and UK Netflix, but based on our tests it only seems to be available at UK Netflix. However, that is no problem, because with a VPN you can easily enjoy Netflix in all nations from wherever you are. More information about that here.

Max & Ruby is an American-Canadian animated television series for children in preschool that was released in 2002. The series is based on the books of Max and Ruby by Rosemary Wells. The main characters in the series are Max who is white rabbit who is Ruby’s little brother, Ruby is also a white rabbit and she is the older sister of Max, Grandma is Ruby’s and Max’s grandmother, Louise is Ruby’s best friend and so on. Each episode tells a story of Max and his adventure in life. Max is a preschooler rabbit who is determined and wild and his older sister, Ruby is a pretty goal oriented and patient rabbit. In each episode Ruby has some kind of task or activity while Max has an idea or desire against Ruby’s. So in every episode Ruby tries talking him out of it but Max keeps asking for what he wants. So usually Max has to find a solution to outsmart Ruby and his friends to get what he wants. Max usually says one or two words during the whole episode which makes the communication with his sister and the others quite complicated. Max often manages to be smarter than his friends and his sister but in the end he always helps her sister in some ways. The parents of Ruby and Max are never seen or mentioned in the series only their grandmother who often appears in the series.

Max & Ruby generally got good reviews and feedback it is definitely an entertaining show for children in preschool with problems to solve.

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