Best way to watch Netflix in Australia!

Australia is one of those nations without Netflix, but still there are hundreds of thousands of Netflix users active in the nation. What are they doing to be able to watch Netflix in Australia? Do you want to watch Netflix in Australia as well?

Watch Netflix in Australia
Watch Netflix in Australia

As you might know Netflix is available in certain nations in Europe and in some American nations. That is why you will need to get yourself an IP address in one such nation to be able to watch Netflix in Australia. That might see very hard and complicated, but luckily it is incredibly easy, meaning that anyone who can read and has five minutes available can start watching Netflix in Australia.

Watch Netflix in Australia

As you want to watch Netflix in Australia you only need to sign up for the services of a VPN provider. There are lots of good VPN providers for this purpose, but one that can be recommended is HideMyAss. I prefer them personally because they have the very best refund policy, something that gives a lot more security before signing up and meaning that there is absolutely no risk in signing up. If you are not satisfied, then simply ask for your money back, but I do believe that you will be satisfied and then there will be no need for asking for a refund.

I have written a new article on how to access Netflix in Australia while abroad. Please read that article. If you want to access any other Netflix region or maybe watch US Netflix when in Australia, click that link.

What is great with HideMyAss is that they have servers not only in the United States, but also in Canada, in Ireland, in the United Kingdom, in Norway, in Sweden, in Germany, in Austria and lots of other nations, and thus you can connect to any server in one of these nations, and then you can sign up for the free 30-day trial for Netflix. Later you can also change between servers in the different nations to be able to watch UK Netflix, US Netflix and so on with one single Netflix subscription. To know more about HideMyAss, read the brand new HideMyAss review published in the IP Address Guide.

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If you have tried this, please write a comment to share your experience, and if you have further insight on the subject of watching Netflix in Australia, I would love to hear from you!

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