Is The Holiday Calendar worth watching?

Holiday CalendarThe Holiday Calendar is a brand new romantic Christmas movie from Netflix. In the movie, we meet Kat Graham in the role as Abby Sutton, Quincy Brown as Josh Barton, and Ron Jones as Gramps.

I do not really know these actors very well, with the exception of Ron Jones whom I remember well from his role in This Is Us as William. He did that role very well, and he is a solid character also in The Holiday Calendar.

But, there is a problem with The Holiday Calendar, and it is a serious one. Around Christmas, people buy products, just because they have to buy something. In the same way, people watch movies, just because they want something to watch. As a result, the quality doesn’t need to be so high, because people will watch it no matter what. And that is the feeling I had when I watched The Holiday Calendar on Netflix.

Predictable down to the smallest detail

From the first moment, the story is incredibly predictable, down to the smallest detail. I think Netflix should have done the job of at least bringing some excitement and surprises into the movie. It probably ain’t true, but when I have the feeling that I would have done a better job, then it has got to be bad!

The fact that The Holiday Calendar is so incredibly predictable makes it a suffering to watch. The magical calendar which Abby gets from her grandfather brings some magic into the movie, but it is suffocated by the boredom of everything else in the movie.

In other words, if you are  incredibly bored, this might give you a breath of fresh air. But, if you have something you should have done, do that instead. I would rather wash the toilet than watch this movie (once again).

What do you think about The Holiday Calendar?

You can watch The Holiday Calendar in all Netflix regions, as it is a Netflix original. You will also find it subtitles to a lot of languages, and even dubbed in quite a lot of regions. But, that doesn’t make the quality of the actual movie better.

I wish you all a great Christmas and if you want tips on which movies to watch on Netflix this Christmas, take a look at the following YouTube video.


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