How to watch Netflix in Syria?

How to watch Netflix in Syria?
Watch Netflix in Syria

Since January 6th in 2016 almost all nations in the world have access to Netflix, with a few exceptions; North Korea, China, Crimea and Syria. What can be done if you are in Syria and want to watch Netflix? Here are the necessary steps you need to make!

When you are located in Syria you surf the Internet with a Syrian IP address. That is the problem! When you visit the Netflix website they will based on your IP address give you access to Netflix, but if your IP address is located in Syria or one of the other nations in which Netflix is unavailable, then you will not be able to visit the Netflix website. But since we are very lucky there are ways in which you can manipulate your IP address and thus you will be able to watch Netflix in Syria as well. The way in which you can change or manipulate your website is by using the VPN services of HideMyAss, the product of the British company named Privax. What they offer is access to all their servers in more than 150 nations worldwide, so with a cheap subscription you can connect to any of these, and if you connect to a server in the UK you will get an English IP address, and at once you will get access to English Netflix. In the same way you can connect to servers in any other Netflix nation and get access to everything available on Netflix in that given nation.

HideMyAss website

If you want to watch US Netflix in Syria just download the HideMyAss client and connect to a server in the USA and you will be ready to watch US Netflix in Syria within a few minutes. It is really easy and it is a great way to watch Netflix in Syria, even if it is supposed to be unavailable.

I hope these instructions have helped you, but if you have any questions related to HideMyAss, watching Netflix in Syria or simply related to Netflix, write a comment in the comment fields beneath!

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