Can I watch the Big Mommas films on Netflix?

Big Mommas House on NetflixI actually enjoyed all three Big Momma’s films as I watched them, and I understand that you are curious now to find out whether you can watch these films on Netflix or not. Well, the answer is very positive, because all three films are available.

  • The first film, Big Momma’s House from year 2000 can be seen in most Netflix regions including Norway, Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, France, Japan, Australia and more.
  • The second film named Big Mommas House 2 from 2006 can be seen in the same Netflix regions as the first film.
  • The third film named Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son from 2011 has just been added to Netflix and it can be seen in Portugal, Costa Rica, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain and Japan.

If you want to watch any of these films but find yourself in another region, then just follow these instructions and start watching Netflix in other regions in a few minutes from now.

Which is the best of the Big Momma’s films? I think maybe the first one is the coolest, since it was the first. But, all in all I would say that all three films have its own charm and good humor, so do not miss out on any of these films.

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