How to watch Netflix in Albania?

Watch Netflix in Albania

If you are a fan of good films then you probably like Netflix, and if you like good films and Netflix, then maybe you have seen Taken 1 and 2? And do you remember which nation the bad guys in these films are from? You guessed correct, from Albania. So what can you do to watch Netflix in Albania?

To watch Netflix in Albania you will need to make some magic steps. It is very easy and what you need to do is to create the illusion that you are currently somewhere else, and not in Albania. You will need to create the illusion that you are in a country in which Netflix is supported, like in the USA or in the UK. That is however very easy, so this is what you need to do to be able to watch Netflix in Albania.

Netflix launched in Albania on January 6th, 2016. Have fun watching Netflix in Albania, but if you are not satisfied with the Albanian Netflix and want to watch great Netflix content available in other Netflix regions, follow these instructions!

Watch Netflix in Albania

The best thing to do if you want to watch Netflix in Albania is:

  • Get yourself a subscription to the VPN provider PureVPN. Visit their website clicking the button beneath. Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)
  • Download their program to your computer or mobile device or tablet.
  • Star the program and connect to a server in either the UK or in the USA (or any other nation in which Netflix is supported).
  • Visit again and you can now sign up for a new Netflix subscription, or if you already have a Netflix subscription, connect to the country with PureVPN in which you want to watch Netflix.

Do not forget that using this you can actually jump between all Netflix regions as well, meaning that you can watch a film first on US Netflix (as you connect to a server in the USA with PureVPN). Later you might want to see a film on UK Netflix and then you connect to a server in the UK with PureVPN. In this way you can watch Netflix in all sorts of regions with PureVPN from Albania. Doesn’t that sound cool? It works great and I can warmly recommend it to you.

Want to watch Taken on Netflix?

At the moment you can see Taken (the first film) on Netflix in Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia and in the Netherlands. Taken 2 can be seen on Netflix in Luxembourg, Belgium, Canada and in the Netherlands, and at the moment Taken 3 can only be seen on Netflix in Canada!

Have fun and enjoy watching Netflix in Albania!

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