Have you considered Amazon Prime?

Have you considered getting yourself an Amazon Prime membership in addition to your Netflix membership? If that is you, then today is your day, and tomorrow is not.

Big discount today

How come? Celebrating their success at the Ammy Awards, especially with Transparent, Amazon is offer their Amazon Prime membership today only for 67 USD instead of the normal fee which is 99 USD per year. This is only available to new member, so if you have not yet tried Amazon Prime, but would like to give it a try, do so today. You can read more about Amazon Prime at the following page, or you can simply visit Amazon.com and sign up for this offer right away!

This article might not be very Netflix related, but if you are a Netflix fan you for sure like a good film, so maybe this is perfect for you still and it can help you watch even more great films and TV series online. And, Amazon Prime is also about much more than just films and TV series, but also about music, Kindle books and more!

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