Have you downloaded Netflix content yet?

The summer holiday is soon over, but if your vacation is right around the corner, do not forget to download your favorite Netflix content first.

There are several reasons for you to download content from Netflix. What you mean, download? I thought to download TV series and movies were illegal?! If you have a Netflix subscription, you are entitled to download content. The content isn’t yours forever, but you can download it, and stream it online within the next 30 days.

Watch Netflix offline

It was in 2016 that Netflix made this function available. If you try to stream Netflix content without WiFi, you will soon discover, how your data-package is emptied quickly. If you go abroad it is even worse, with giant roaming costs being added to it.

For this reason, Netflix added the offline-viewing service late in 2016. You can since then download Netflix content. You will in general not have access to the content offline, but if you go somewhere without a WiFi connection and turn of your data-package, you will be able to enjoy it at once. It is therefore important for you to turn of your data-package as well, if not, Netflix will not consider you to be offline, and thus you will use your mobile-data-package instead.

Would you like to know more about viewing Netflix offline? Click the link for lots of questions and answers related to the topic.

What are you gonna stream on Netflix this summer?

Have you seen my list of suggestions for what to stream on Netflix this summer? You can find the full article pressing the link, or maybe watch it as a YouTube video instead?

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