Can I watch English Premier League on Netflix?

We all know Netflix as an outstanding streaming service. Is it possible to stream sports on Netflix? Can I watch English Premier League on Netflix?

The English Premier League will have its kick-off on August 11th. Arsenal will play against Everton at Emirates Stadium, and the interest is sky-high for the English top-league. All across the world fans yearn to watch the best clubs in England. One of the questions frequently asked by such fans is “Can I watch English Premier League on Netflix?

Premier League on Netflix
Will I ever be able to watch Manchester United on Netflix? By Mitch Gunn – Shutterstock

I do like the question, and I hope sometime in the future that my answer to the question will be yes. But, if the reply to the question would be yes, then the monthly fee for your Netflix subscription would be four times as high as it is today (and maybe more). The Premier League broadcasting rights are incredibly expensive, and the consequence is that there are only pay-TV channels broadcasting the Premier League all across the world.

In England Sky Sports broadcast the English Premier League (in part). If you want to watch their live streams a NOW TV subscription is needed, and their sports package costs you around 45 USD per month. In Sweden, you can watch the Premier League at Viaplay. A monthly package there costs around 55 USD (this also includes Champions League and several other European top-leagues). These are just some examples of the prices you meet when you want to watch the Premier League online. In other words, Premier League on Netflix would be great, but I find it hard to see how Netflix can ever allow themselves to broadcast such an expensive product.

Where can I watch the English Premier League online, if not on Netflix?

I have already mentioned two services that will let you watch the Premier League online. But, I do not recommend any of them. If you want to stream the English Premier League online, then the best service for you is FuboTV. I have a website dedicated to FuboTV, and there you can also find out how to stream English Premier League on FuboTV in Europe. Since FuboTV is an American service, it can not be used in Europe, but of course, there are ways around this. Click the link to find out more. I should also mention that this service gives you access to lots of other European football leagues, and also the biggest club tournaments in the world, Champions League, and Europe League.

No Premier League on Netflix – Should I cancel my subscription?

Why would you do that? There are so much to watch on Netflix. That is particularly the case if you use a VPN to get access to other Netflix regions. You can read more about how to access other Netflix regions right here.

I hope this answer will help you out. If you have further comments or questions, use the comment field beneath.

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