Can I watch Netflix during an interrail in Europe?

I will be traveling around in Europe on an interrail and I will visit lots of different nations. Can I watch Netflix during my trip and what kind of Netflix subscription is required?

That is a brilliant question, so thank you for asking. Lots of people have questions similar to this one, and the answer is quite easy, though it might not be satisfying at all times.

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First of all, Netflix is available in all the different nations in Europe. And secondly, you do not need a new Netflix subscription for the different nations you visit. In other words, whenever you travel around in Europe you can visit or use the Netflix app on your mobile device and watch Netflix easily, without paying anything extra.

This you should be aware of!

So far, so good! But, you should be aware of the fact that while traveling in Spain you will only gain access to Spanish Netflix. This is somewhat different from for example US Netflix, meaning that you might not find your favorite TV series or films on Netflix the way you were used to in your home nation.

As you later cross the border to France you will no longer access US Netflix (or Spanish Netflix), but you will gain access to French Netflix. This is again different in content, and sometimes these changes are positive (but, more often negative). Another thing you need to know is that in such nations as France and Spain they often remove original subtitles and only provide subtitles in French or Spanish. If you like watching with English subtitles this can be a nightmare. You are warned!

I hope this has answered your question!

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