Can I watch Netflix in Croatia?

I am going to Croatia and have a Netflix account. Will I be able to watch Netlix in Croatia? I don’t think so!

Back until January 6th 2016 you could not watch Netflix in Croatia. But, since then you things have change and Netflix is now officially available in Croatia. So, as you travel to Split, Dubrovnik or some other beautiful city in Croatia you can simply tune in to Netflix and watch as you like!

Enjoy Split (Croatia) and Netflix at the same time – Tupongato /

The only little minus

There are quite a lot of stuff missing from Netflix as you travel to Croatia. The reason is simple. The content available in different Netflix regions differ, meaning that there are lots of films available on for example US Netflix which you can not watch on UK Netflix or for example Croatian Netflix. At the moment you can for example watch Spotlight (the Academy Awarded film) or Minions (the film) on US Netflix, but once you leave the US you will no longer gain access to these films.

But, there are also quite some films and TV series available in Croatia which can not be seen elsewhere. So, go ahead and give it a try, and if you have further questions or comments, just use the comment field beneath!


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