Can I watch Finding Dory on Netflix?

Watch FInding Dory on NetflixFinding Dory is the big Pixar production from 2016, following up the legendary Finding Nemo. Now you can watch Finding Dory on Netflix, but in which regions?

People who love a good animated movie, will for sure enjoy Finding Dory. It is among the best animated movies created in 2016, but unfortunately it did not end up on the list of the five nominated movies for an Academy Award in 2017 in the category of Best Animated Movie. So, Finding Dory did not get a nomination, but that does not make is less good than the five nominated movies (Kubo and the Two Strings, Moana, My Life as a Zucchini, The Red Turtle and Zootopia). It is a general fact that the movies winning are often not the ones most loved by the audience. That can be said about Leonardi di Caprio’s statue won in 2016 for his role in the Revenant, and the same is true about La La Land, a movie loved by the critics, but the general audience is falling asleep while watching it in the cinemas around the world.

Watch Finding Dory on Netflix

But, let us now forget abotu La La Land, Zootopia and The Red Turtle. The question at hand is where to watch Finding Dory on Netflix. I have great news, because it can not be seen in some hidden away Netflix region, but instead you can now stream Finding Dory in the following two regions:

Those are the two biggest and best Netflix regions, and if you press the links above you will find out how to get access to the mentioned Netflix regions from outside the countries. This is really useful information which will multiply your Netflix experience a whole lot.

Are you planning on watching Finding Dory on Netflix? Please write a comment afterwards to share your thoughts on the movie. I have not watched it yet, but family members have, and they praised the movie. Right now I am about to eat a delicious toast, but after that maybe I will sit down and watch Finding Dory on Netflix myself? Would that be a good choice? Or maybe I should watch a movie with more action instead?

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