Can I watch Arrival on Netflix?

Arrival is by many said to be one of the best movies in 2016. Would you like to stream Arrival on Netflix? Is it possible to watch Arrival on Netflix? If yes, where?

I have read the opinions of quite a lot of people concerning the best movies in 2016. On quite a lot of lists the movie Arrival was included, and that is why I looked very much forward to watch Arrival as it was released on DVD and online in 2017. But, unfortunately, I could not watch Arrival on Netflix, because as I wanted to watch the movie, it was not yet available.

So, has anything happened since then? Can I watch Arrival on Netflix at the moment?

ARrival on Netflix
Watch Arrival on Netflix

Watch Arrival on Netflix

As I am writing this article Arrival can still not be streamed on Netflix. I was released on DVD only a few weeks ago, and since it is so new, we can still not expect it to be released on Netflix for a while. My personal guess is that it will show up in the first Netflix regions in around 3 months from now, but it might take even longer time than that.

Once Arrival arrives to Netflix I will update this article with the information you need, including in which Netflix regions you can watch Arrival. Until then I recommend that you bookmark this page, follow us on Facebook, so that you can get Netflix news and find out more on how to access different Netflix regions online.

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