You can now stream Steve Jobs on Netflix

Steve Jobs was a mastermind. Steve Jobs was Apple in person. He was born in 1958 and died in 2011. Now you can watch the movie about his life on Netflix.

The world consist of three kinds of people. It is very simple.

  • Those who avoid all sorts of modern electronic devices (telephones, tablets, laptops).
  • Those who avoid all tablets, phones and computer who has an Apple as their logo.
  • Those who avoid all tablets, phones and computer without an Apple as their logo.

If you are  a fan of Steve Jobs, then you are probably a big fan of his Apple products as well, be it a Macintosh computer, an iPad or maybe an iPhone. The movie about the life of Steve Jobs was released in 2015, but it took the movie two years to get to Netflix.

Steve Jobs on Netflix
You can now watch Steve Jobs on Netflix

If you are a passionate Apple fan, then you have probably seen the movie already. If you haven’t, then there is one Netflix region in which you can watch the movie, and that is Portuguese Netflix. To get access to that region, simply sign up for ExpressVPN, download their VPN client and connect to their Portugal server. You will then be able to stream Portuguese Netflix right away.

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Have I seen Steve Jobs yet?

I recently wrote an article about The Circle, another movie that recently was made available on Netflix. In the article I mentioned that I do not have as much time as I want to, and therefore I can not watch everything I want to. But, on my list of three movies that I want to stream on Netflix in the near future you can now find: Steve Jobs, Thor: The Dark World and Snowden.

There are for sure more movies that I want to stream, but right now, those are the top three.

Maybe you have seen Steve Jobs on Netflix?

If you have seen Steve Jobs on Netflix, why don’t you take a minute to write a short comment on the movie. Did you like it? Was it entertaining, or was it like a flat, boring line? The movie has received good critics online, and it currently has a 7,2/10 score at iMDB, and at Rotten Tomatoes it has a 86% critics score and a 73% audience score. What do you think?

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