Can I watch The Sound of Music on Netflix?

The Sound of Music is one of the big classics in the film world and it contains some of the most beautiful songs known from films. But, can I watch The Sound of Music on Netflix?

For a long time, the answer to that question has been no, but I have constantly been paying attention to this movie, and I have been looking for news about the movie being added to Netflix in one region or another. And guess what, the patience has given results because you can now watch The Sound of Music on Netflix.

Get ready to watch The Sound of Music on Netflix
Get ready to watch The Sound of Music on Netflix

The Sound of Music on Netflix

This is a movie that has been hard to catch on Netflix, and in December 2018 I updated this article and told that it couldn’t be found on Netflix anymore. But, since June 2019, it can yet again be streamed on Netflix, so if you want to watch The Sound of Music on Netflix, this is what you need to do!

  • You need to get access to Netflix in Sweden as Swedish Netflix is the only Netflix region in which The Sound of Music can be found.
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The Sound of Music is a fantastic movie and even though years have passed since I watched it, I still remember it with such joy and I would have no problem watching it once again. And since it is now on Netflix once again, I guess I have no excuse not to watch it!

About The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is the beautiful story about the Von Trapp family, a very gifted and talented family. They live in Austria during the Second World War, but things are getting tougher as the Nazi grip on the country tightens. They are not fans of the Nazi reign, but one of their girls is in love with a Nazi, and that is something can cause problems.

If you have not yet seen The Sound of Music then you should do it right away. If you have seen it, then you for sure know that you have thousands of reasons to watch it once again and to sing along on famous songs such as Do, Re, Mi, Sixteen Going on Seventeen, My Favorite Things, Climb Every Mountain, So Long Farewell, Edelweiss and lots of other songs.

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  1. All the great classic are not available on Netflix, Gone with the Wind, Dr Zivago, Laurence of Arabia, Sound of Music , just to mention a few.
    A disappointed Netflix subscriber
    W Sack

    1. Thanks for writing… I just tested it and visited Australian Netflix, but I still couldn’t find Sound of Music on Netflix. are you sure that you found it on Australian Netflix right now?

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