Can I watch Netflix in Kazakhstan? Please help!

I would like to watch Netflix in Kazakhstan, but I only get a message that Netflix is unavailable in the country. Is there some way to bypass this?

That is a brilliant question, and you have for sure come to the right place with your question! You are not alone with this question either because of the 18,000,000 people residing in Kazakhstan there are quite some thousands who would really like to watch Netflix, so this answer is not just for you, but for all of the other people who want to watch the original Netflix series and all the other goodies available on

Netflix in Kazakhstan

Watch Netflix in Kazakhstan

To watch Netflix in Kazakhstan you will need a subscription to the VPN provider named PureVPN. What they do for you once you have a subscription, is that they open up the world to you. As you sign up you can download their PureVPN program and with this you can connect to all their servers worldwide using your computer, Apple product or Android device. As you connect to such a server all your online activity will be encrypted, and in addition you will get an IP address in the nation of the server you connect to. And to watch UK Netflix you will need a UK IP address. To watch US Netflix, you will need a US IP address. In other words, open the PureVPN client and connect to a server in the UK. Once connected restart your browser and visit Congratulations! You can now watch Netflix in Kazakhstan, and since the first 30 days are free, you can watch and enjoy Netflix for free for 30 days!Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

It is as easy as this, and do not forget to bookmark this page, because here you can read other useful advices concerning Netflix, and we also writ articles on new films and series added to Netflix, making sure that you will get the most out of your Netflix subscription, and of course the most out of your VPN subscription.

And, do not forget that you can use the same PureVPN subscription to watch NBC (in the USA) in Kazakhstan, ITV in the UK in Kazakhstan, BBC in the UK in Kazakshtan and so much more. Read more about all of this at

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  1. You can watch Netflix and Hulu anywhere in the world, just get a Router and Buy or get free access to Vpn. Vpn services in The US. N your device will work .

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