Before I go to sleep – now on US Netflix

Are you in for a really interesting film in which you will not really get the point before it actually ends? Watch a film which has a story that is intense and will keep you stuck to the chair for the next two hours. Before I go to sleep is the film for you!

Before i go to sleep

The film was just made available on US Netflix, so if you want to watch it, go ahead. If you do not have a Netflix account or live in a nation in which Netflix is unavailable, such as for example Kazakhstan or Nepal, find out more about watching Netflix from abroad here.

In Before I go to sleep you will meet the fantastic actors Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth who plays the main roles, but in addition you will see Mark Strong playing the role as Dr. Nash who tries to help Christine Lucas (played by Nicole Kidman) to understand her past. The film has not receied the best critics and only has a score of a bit higher than 6 on IMDB and on Rotten Tomatoes it only has 33% score, but I highly disagree, because this was a really good film and I really needed some popcorn to have something to eat while I awaited the end and the “solution” of the film.

If you want to know more about the film you can watch the trailer beneath. Have fun, and enjoy watching this film on Netflix from all across the world.

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