Can I stream The Mandalorian on Netflix?

Would you love to watch The Mandalorian? Are you looking for a place where you can potentially stream the brand new series? Cannot access Disney+ in your country, and now you look for potential other sites where you can stream The Mandalorian online? Can I find The Mandalorian on Netflix?

At the time writing this article, the first two episodes of The Mandalorian have been released on Disney+, the brand new streaming service from Disney. The platform, and especially The Mandalorian, has received a lot of praise, and the most fanatic Star Wars fans even enjoy the brand new Star Wars series from Disney. I can easily understand why you want to watch the show because this is real Star Wars fun, just the way we love it. The creatures in the series are authentic, the sounds, the clips, the footage, everything. So, this is a must-see for Star Wars fans.

Is The Mandalorian on Netflix?

As you might know, there are lots of movies and TV shows that can be seen in special countries, but not in others on Netflix. That was the instance with A Star is Born, a movie that came to Japanese Netflix, but currently cannot be streamed anywhere else. In the same way, you can stream the final season of Suits (season 9) on Netflix in the UK, but nowhere else.

So, can you watch The Mandalorian on Netflix at all? Is there a lucky country in which this new series can be streamed?

The answer to the question is a certain NO! I am sorry to give it to you in such a harsh way, but there is no other way of doing it. How come?

The Mandalorian is the flagship of Disney+ at the moment. This is the series that brought 10 million subscribers to the service on the first day after its launch. It is a Disney+ original series, meaning that you will not be able to find it elsewhere. If you also consider the fact that Disney plans on expanding to new nations and make their streaming platform available worldwide, they will for sure have no intention of giving away their golden baby to their biggest opponent, Netflix.

In the same way, Netflix will not give up on their biggest hits and sell them to Disney+, HBO, nor to Hulu. So, the battle is heating up, and I am very curious to find out which platform will be the winner when it comes to receptions, actual users and subscribers between Netflix and Disney+ in the coming years.

Netflix for sure has an early start advantage, but considering that Disney+ got a flying start with all the Marvel movies, the Disney classics, and The Mandalorian, I do believe they have the potential to really cause trouble for Netflix.

If I cannot watch The Mandalorian on Netflix, where can I watch it then?

I guess you are desperate to watch The Mandalorian. And since you cannot watch it on Netflix, a better way to watch it is on Disney+. But, how can you access Disney+ and pay for Disney+ if it is unavailable in your country? Click the link to find out, or check the following YouTube video.

If you first purchase a Disney+ subscription, make sure to check the following article for lots of Disney+ tips and tricks that will cheer you up and help you!

How do you feel about The Mandalorian?

Have you seen the first episode (or maybe the first season)? I would love to hear your thoughts on The Mandalorian, so write a comment and let me know what is on your heart!

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