Best Valentines Day films on Netflix

Valentines Day is approaching and maybe you want to make this a fantastic day with the one you love, and what can be better to do on such a day than to watch a romantic film? I have earlier written an article on romantic films on Netflix, but this is even more up to date, so here you will get some suggestions for some really romantic films worth watching on Netflix on Valentines Day in 2016.

Do not forget that I can not guarantee for how long these films will remain available on Netflix and if you want to watch one of the films mentioned but use another Netflix region, then you can read more about changing your Netflix regions easily in this article.

Here you can also see my Youtube video presenting the best films to watch on Valentines Day on Netflix, and in the film you will see short trailers from the films and you can also see in which Netflix regions the different movies are made available.

Best Valentines Day films on Netflix

50 First Dates

This is totally a classic in which we meet Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Adam Sandler plays a guy who is cool and goes to bed with almost any women. But, he never stay with them, but also keeps going for his next prey. But, then he meets Drew Barrymore, but something is different with her. And that is when he suddenly starts fighting for this girl that is completely different from everyone else.

Take a look at the film above to see its trailer and find out in which Netflix regions you can watch 50 First Dates.


This is 50 First Dates, just lots of years later, but with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore again. They do not have such an idyllic start here, but they simply hate one another. However, they end up in Africa together with their families and that is when love comes into the air. A great and romantic comedy combined.

Find out in the video above in which Netflix regions you can watch Blended!

The Notebook

This is probably a classic among people who are filled with romantic genes. This is one of the most romantic films ever as we follow an old couple in which the man reads from his notebook to an old lady in a house for elderly people. At the same time we follow a young couple who are madly in love, but due to challenges and problems they are often torn apart. Incredibly romantic and a film for those who likes to even cry during a film, simply because it is so beautiful and romantic.

Check the film above to find out in which Netflix regions you can watch The Notebook.

The Longest Ride

This is quite like The Notebook, but a film I personally prefer if I would have to go for either The Notebook or The Longest Ride. It is a bit easier to digest, but still fantastic and romantic. It tells us the story of a young couple who are very much in love, but they are also facing challenges due to the very dangerous job of the guy. At the same time the girl meets an old guy in a hospital and they get a very special relationship. One of my favorite romantic films in the world at the moment.

Watch the film above to find out in which Netflix regions you can watch The Longest Ride.

The Longest Ride on Valentines Day

Groundhog Day

This is yet another classic, but if you have not seen it yet, then you will have to see it. In this film we meet Bill Murray who meets the reporter who is in town to report about the Groundhog day, an event he really hates in a city he dislikes. But, what happens to this person as he wakes up over again, only to discover that he is living the same day again and again? Of course this film is not only funny, but it also has a beautiful romantic story sewn into its story.

Want to watch it? Check the movie in the start of the article to find out in which Netflix regions you can watch it!

The Ugly Truth

This is probably not the most romantic film you have ever seen, but if you want to watch a comedy that is also romantic at the same time, then the Ugly Truth might be what you are looking for. Watch Katherine Heighl and Gerard Butler as they play two opposites, who still for some reason fall for one another in this entertaining film.

To watch the Ugly Truth, watch the film to find out in which Netflix regions you can watch it!

The Ugly Truth on Valentines Day

These were my suggestions for now when it comes to romantic films to watch on Netflix for Valentines Day. Feel free to write a comment if you have anything on your mind, and to find out more about changing your Netflix region, read this article.

I wish you a very happy and a very romantic Valentines Day in 2016!

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