3rd Rock from the Sun on Netflix

3rd rock from the sun now on netflixAre you a fan of 3rd Rock from the Sun? Good news, because you can now watch several seasons of this comedy TV series on both UK and US Netlix. Do not have a Netflix account yet because of your location? Find out how to watch Netflix from abroad here.

The 3rd Rock from the Sun is an American comedy television series that was aired from 1996 to 2001. The series is about four extraterrestrials that are on a expedition on Earth and they pose as a human family to study the human behaviour. The story set in a fictional city of Rutherford in Ohio. The four main characters of the series are John Lithgow as Dick Solomon who is the High Commander and also the head of the expedition on Earth. He is the youngest member of the group but ironically he is the oldest member of the family. Kristen Johnston as Sally Solomon who is the security officer and also second in command, French Stewart as Harry Solomon who was not mean to take part in the expedition but there was an extra seat available, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tommy Solomon who is the information officer and he is also third in command after Sally. So the four alien came to the Earth to study the behaviour of the human beings and also to study their society. The aliens live as normal human beings to study and understand more the human conditions. The whole story is shown from the perspective of the four alien so at times it is funny to see how they struggle with the normal tasks of every day life on Earth.

The 3rd Rock from the Sun is a really entertaining, funny television series with interesting characters and storyline.

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