3 Days to Kill on UK Netflix

3 Days to Kill on NetflixThe 3 Days to Kill is a French-American action thriller which was released in 2014 and it was written by Luc Beson and it was directed by McG. You can now see this film om UK Netflix. Do not know how to watch Netflix from abroad? Read more here.

The 3 Days to Kill stars Kevin Costner as Ethan Renner, Amber Heard as Vivi Delay who is one of the elite assassin of the CIA, Hailee Steinfeld as Zooey Renner who is Ethan’s teenage daughter, Connie Nielsen as Christine Renner who is Ethan’s ex wife and so on. The movie is about Ethan Renner who is a highly trained, professional international spy working for the CIA. Renner works on a case to capture the Albino who works for an arm trafficker called Wolf who tries to sell dirty bombs to some terrorists. Renner is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer which also already spread to his lungs. The doctors give him only a few months to live so he decides to fix the relationship with his family and to spend the last months of his life with his teenager daughter and his ex wife. But a CIA agent recruits him to find the Wolf in exchange for an experimental drug that might cures his illness. So a one last time Renner has to leave everything behind including his family to save the world again.

The movie 3 Days to Kill got generally bad and negative critics and reviews mostly on the characters and on the lack of the story line.

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