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The Winter Olympics are almost half-way through, but if you haven’t tried it yet, why not stream the Winter Olympics on 

NBC is not only the boss when it comes to fantastic TV series, but also when it comes to broadcasting major sports events. This time they are broadcasting the Winter Olympics, and for this purpose, they have their very own portal,

Anyone can visit, but if you want to stream the content available at the website you will need to be located in the USA, and you need to have some sort of NBC subscription. As you probably know already, to get an American IP address is very easy. But, to get an NBC subscription is much harder (if you do not have one). There are, however, methods that can be used to fix this, and the easiest way is to sign up for the services of Fubo TV. This is an online TV platform, where you can buy different packages, which again will give you access to different TV channels. If you buy a package that includes NBC, then you can use your Fubo TV username and password as you log in to Isn’t that quite brilliant?

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Once you have your Fubo TV subscription, you can also watch all your favorite NBC content online live, as it is broadcasted, and they also have a quite well functioning on-demand part, even though I am not completely satisfied with that.

So far, the United States has a total of 8 medals during the Winter Olympics (which isn’t really that many), at least compared to Norway which has 19 medals so far. You can see the full medal stats right here.

What’s most worth? Gold or Bitcoin?

Speaking of gold medals… what is worth the most, Bitcoin or gold? That is a brilliant question, and a question impossible to answer. It might be that gold is a safer investment, but if you go with Bitcoin you take a higher risk, which might give you much more value back in some months and years from now. You can trade with the value of both gold and Bitcoin at eToro, a trading platform I do not really like, but it is possible if you want to have some fun for yourself. To simply check out the current value of Bitcoin, visit CoinMarketCap.

So, which would I pick? I think I would go with Bitcoin. But, in reality, Bitcoin is a bit old fashioned, as it is slow and it has high transaction fees. But, maybe that is exactly what makes it more comparable with gold? People often say that Bitcoin is like gold, not meant for daily use, but more of a value to store and sell when the time is fit. John McAfee believes that Bitcoin will reach values of at least 100,000 Dollar within a couple of years… who knows?! Time will show.

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