Now you can watch Rise on NBC

What happens as the English teacher tries to inspire his students, and also takes the direction of the drama class? Watch Rise on NBC and find out!

The first episode of Rise aired on NBC on March 13th, and since then two more episodes have aired. Tonight it is time for the fourth episode carrying the title “Victory Party.”

The English teacher Mr. Lou Mazzuchelli inspires his students in many ways, and he also brings creativity and new thoughts and visions for the drama group. This is not met with great joy everywhere, but supported by the students, he gets to stick with his position, and we follow the teacher, the students and the school as life goes on.

My greatest surprise watching Rise was the person playing the character of Mr. Lou Mazzuchelli. I recognized him from somewhere, but did not understand from where (at once). But, then I understood. The great English teacher is no other person than Josh Radnor, who we wll know very well as Ted Mosby. Yes, he is back, but not as Ted Mosby, but as a teacher at Stanton High.

rise on nbcAre you interested in streaming Rise on NBC? Or maybe you would rather watch some other show on NBC? You can watch all this stuff and more at the NBC website. But, if you try to stream from abroad it will not work. Luckily there is a way which can help you get access to NBC from abroad, and you can read more about it right here.

Would you rather watch another new NBC series? Good Girls is brand new, and only 5 episodes have aired so far. You can stream it on the NBC website.

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