Which Premier League matches to watch on PeacockTV on February 27th and February 28th, 2021?

Do you have a PeacockTV subscription? Which Premier League matches would you like to watch online this weekend? There will be a total of four Premier League matches on display on peacockTV on February 27th and February 28th. But, which matches will actually be aired on the platform?

There will be two matches on PeacockTV on February 27th. First, the match between Leeds United and Aston Villa will be shown, followed by the match between Newcastle United and Wolverhampton. There are two other Premier League matches on the same day, and the most interesting is most likely the match between Manchester City and West Ham. Everyone will expect Manchester City to win, after all, they have been unbeatable lately. But, can West Ham bring their winning streak to an end?:

liverpool sheffield united peacocktv
Liverpool will play against Sheffield United without any supporters at the stadium on February 28th at Bramall Lane.. Source: Shutterstock

The second Premier League match on Saturday that will not be aired on PeacockTV is the match between West Bromwich and Brighton. I guess some people will miss that match, but personally, I don’t care much.

Premier League on PeacockTV Sunday February 28th

There will be five Premier League matches on Sunday, February 28th. PeacockTV will show two matches. The first is the match between Crystal Palace and Fulham (did anyone say boring?!), and the second match is between Sheffield United and Liverpool! Now, that is at least more interesting, and Liverpool fans will be happy to be able to stream Jurgen Klopp and his stars play against Sheffield United on Bramall Lane.

But, there are three matches on PeacockTV that we will be unable to stream on PeacockTV this Sunday. And to be honest, the match between Leicester City and Arsenal is a very interesting match, but even more interesting is the match between Chelsea and Manchester United. If United wants to have a chance at winning the Premier League, they would need West Ham to surprise us all on Saturday, and then later beat Tuchel and his discipples at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Unfortuntately, neither the Leicester City vs Arsenal and the Chelsea vs Manchester United matches will be broadcasted by PeacockTV. The third match in the Premier League not airing on PeacockTV is the match between Tottenham and Burnley.

So, what do you think? Do you look forward to streaming Premier League football on PeacockTV this weekend? Which matches do you look forward to?

If you need help accessing and watching Premier League football on PeacockTV, make sure to check this article.

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