Want to watch your favorite NBC programs online? Blocked by a geo-block? Find out how to watch NBC from outside the US and watch NBC easily from abroad.

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is one of the leading TV channels in the world. Their main office is in New York in the Rockefeller Center, but they also have significant divisions in Chicago and Los Angeles. They produce some of the most popular TV series out there, but most of those are only available if you reside in the USA. If you try to watch NBC from abroad, you will see one of the following error messages, or if not you may hear a voice in your browser telling you that “this content is currently unavailable.

Sorry this clip is not available
Sorry, this video is not available from your location

If you get the following error message, it is because you are located somewhere outside the USA geographically, and due to restrictions, NBC has to use a block, meaning that they only allow people residing in the USA to watch the programs because of copyright. But, this is quite easy to bypass, because there is something called a VPN, which is frequently used in businesses and larger companies when they want their employees to get hold of information only available in a special network, also when they are on the outside. To reach that information they connect using a VPN, which encrypts all data and gives them a safe connection, and they can also reach the information they need only available to those on the inside. The same is what a VPN can do for you when you want to watch NBC.

Use a VPN to watch NBC from abroad

When you want to NBC from overseas, you can use a VPN like they do in business life. This time you will have to connect to a server in the USA, and what will happen once you connect is that you get an American IP address. With your new IP address, you can bypass those limitations blocking people outside the United States, and you can easily enjoy previously geo-blocked content. This is because, to the world, it looks as if you are residing in the USA. It might sound complicated, but it isn’t. In fact, it is very, very easy.

When I watch NBC from abroad, for example, The Blacklist, The Voice, or Saturday Night Live I use a VPN provider named IPVanish. You can also use PureVPN if you want to use a VPN provider a bit cheaper than IPVanish. They both have lots of servers in the USA, and they also have servers in more than 50 other nations in the world. All you need to do is to connect to one of these servers and then restart your browser, and you will surf with an IP in the States, and you will be able to watch NBC and all your favorite programs there from all across the world.

IPVanish PureVPN

Go ahead and try it yourself. I have used it a lot, and it is working! No more downloading your favorite program or hunting for subtitles. As you watch the programs directly on NBC, the subtitles are already there, and everything is there simply for you to enjoy! Good luck!

I am watching The Good Place on NBC from abroad
I am watching The Good Place on NBC from abroad

I hope you have tried this. It works and I use this myself weekly to watch brand new episodes of some of my favorite TV shows such as The Blacklist, Blindspot, Undateable, The Good Place, This is Life and of course The Voice. Go ahead and start watching NBC from overseas a few minutes from now!

If you want even more great stuff from NBC, you should definitely consider purchasing a subscription to their streaming service PeacockTV. You can learn more about how you can watch PeacockTV abroad in this article.

4 thoughts on “How to watch NBC abroad?”

  1. Are both IPVanish and PureVPN actually working? A friend of mine said he got the same error message using IPVanish as he did without IPVanish? How come? Doesn’t this method work anymore?

    1. Based on your question I just did a quick test with both IPVanish and PureVPN. With PureVPN I selected “Amazon Prime streaming” as my purpose, and once connected I visit NBC and quick stream American Ninja Warrior episodes right away. I then opened IPVanish and connected to a random IPVanish server (I ended up in San Jose). I then again visited the NBC website and tried to watch Shades of Blue, and it worked! So, my answer is therefore these methods work, and I can perfectly recommend them to anyone who wants to stream NBC overseas.

  2. I am happy to say that these instructions work as of February 22nd, 2018 as well. I just tested them, and I also changed the screenshot in the article above to reflect that I just streamed the last episode of The Good Place at the NBC website and it worked beautifully. I even checked without a VPN to see if the error message on the screenshot still looks the same, and it does. So, if you want to watch NBC outside the USA, follow these instructions, and you will be ready to stream in a few minutes from now!

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