Watch Malta vs. England and England vs. Slovakia at ITV online

Would you like to watch the FIFA World Cup qualification matches between Malta and England on September 1st and England vs. Slovakia on September 4th? It can easily be done!

Did you know that ITV in England will broadcast both matches online? You can watch Malta vs. England online at ITV for free on September 1st, and you can watch England vs. Slovakia online on September 4th. The match against Malta should be an easy win, while the match against Slovakia might turn out to be a tougher nut to crack. England played against Slovakia during the European Championship in 2016 without impressing. To win this match, they will have to play better than they did back then, especially considering the growing strength in the Slovakian squad.

England vs Malta online

Watch Malta vs. England online

If you want to watch Malta vs. England online on September 1st, then you should do so at ITV. It can be streamed for free, but if you live outside the UK you will need a UK IP address to do so. That is, however, not enough in itself, because you need a UK IP address that will work with ITV Player. This website is about streaming ITV from abroad, so if you want to watch Malta vs. England online at ITV from abroad, follow the instructions in this article, and you will be able to do so.

Watch England vs. Slovakia online

To watch England against Slovakia online, visit ITVPlayer and get started. The broadcast is only available to those in the UK, so to stream ITV from abroad, press the link and follow the instructions.

Want to watch the matches on Android?

Lots of people have trouble with error messages as they try to watch ITV from abroad on their Android device. Luckily there are ways to bypass such errors as well, so read this article to get rid of the ITV error messages on Android devices.

Now let’s watch the matches online

We now hope that you are ready to watch the matches online. Let us together cheer for England and hope that they will take a giant step towards the FIFA World Cup in Russia next year as they win both these matches.