A registration is needed to watch ITV Player

If you plan on watching ITV online, then you will now also need to register. That can easily be done. But, what if you are located abroad? How to register and stream?

Not only has it become a bit harder to stream ITV online, but the same is also true for BBC. As I recently wrote about in the BBC from abroad blog, the main TV channel in the UK now require everyone to register an account in order to stream BBC from abroad. But, as you register you need to register with a UK Zip code, and it also seems as if you need to be located somewhere nearby your zip code in real life as you stream BBC iPlayer. What’s up with ITV?

Streaming ITV now

To stream ITV Player online you will now need to register an account. This can easily be done, and the most important is that you register your account with a ZIP code in the UK. If you are located in the UK, simply use your own ZIP code, but if you are located abroad, find a ZIP code in the UK (for example in London), and register your account. You should then later use a VPN (like ExpressVPN) and connect to a server in London. Once connected you will then be able to stream ITV online, and you can stream it for free.

streaming royal ascot on ITV
Here I am streaming Royal Ascot on ITV

If you want to stream ITV without commercials then that can also be done. The price is 4 GBP a month. If you watch ITV online on demand a lot, then it is absolutely worth the money, but if you stream programs live then it will not help you, as the commercials can not be cut out from the live streams.

More information about streaming ITV from abroad can be found here.