Watch Euro 2016 on ITV in the UK

watch euro 2016 online on ITVITV will together with BBC broadcast the Euro 2016 in England. That means that we can all enjoy watching all the matches from the European Championship live online or on our TV screens at home easily.

We all know that BBC and ITV are free TV channels, meaning that you can freely watch the streams of both BBC and ITV online without paying for it. The only requirement that you need to meet in order to watch the Euro 2016 on ITV and on BBC is that you need to have an IP address in England. Luckily that is easy to arrange and what you need is a subscription to HideMyAss, and once you have that you connect to their servers in the United Kingdom and you will at once have an IP address in England and thus you will be able to watch the Euro 2016 online from wherever you might be located in the world.Visit HideMyAss websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds

If you want to know more about how to watch ITV from abroad and maybe you should have some problems related to watching ITV online from abroad, just look around here at this page. I have also created a page dedicated to how you can watch BBC from abroad and that might be useful, because ITV will not broadcast all alone from the Euro 2016 in France, but they will do so together with BBC, so you will probably want to swap between the live online streams of BBC and ITV.

Enjoy watching all the action online, and if you should have any questions then you can just write a comment here and I will do my very best to help you!

For more information about the Euro 2016 and for information about the full schedule, the different venues that will be in use and news about the teams taking part and whatever has to do with the European Championship 2016 I recommend visiting

May the best team win, and may the best team be England!