How to watch ITV Player overseas?

ITV is one of the best TV channels in the world. But, what to do if you are overseas and long for ITV? Is there a way to watch ITV Player overseas?

You have probably already noticed that as you try to watch ITV Player from abroad you will get an error message telling you that it is not possible. This is quite common and I have lots of visitors coming to this blog every day looking for answers on how they can watch ITV Player overseas and how they can watch ITV outside the UK.

The solution if you want to watch ITV abroad is to get yourself a local IP address in the UK or use the DNS services provided by Unlocator. Both versions are very good and easy to use, so go ahead and choose the one you prefer.

how to watch itv player overseas

Watching ITV Player overseas – Method 1

This first method is using Unlocator. This is completely free to try for seven days and it will require some minimal setup on your computer, tablet or telephone. With this you will not only be able to unblock ITV Player, but you will also be able to unblock and watch services such as BBC, HBO Now, Netflix and Amazon Prime from all across the world.

Unlocator website(and unblock ITV Player right away)

Simply click the button above and visit the Unlocator website to start your seven day free trial. No payment information needs to be given as you sign up, it only needs to be given if you after seven days want to continue using their services.

Watching ITV Player overseas – Method 2

If you want to  actually get yourself an IP address in England which will make it look to all websites and forums on the Internet as if you actually reside in England, then you should use the VPN services of PureVPN. They have servers in more than 150 nations in the world so with one single subscription you get access to all of these.

Visit PureVPN websiteAnd get your desired IP address in seconds

Click the button above and sign up. Then you download their client and connect to a server in England and you are good to go and ready to watch ITV Player abroad.

If I had to choose it might be that I would go for Unlocator since it has a free seven day trial and it works great. HideMyAss does not have a free trial, but they do have a 7 day full refund policy, so if you decide to try PureVPN there are no risks involved in trying that.

I hope you have found this article useful. If you should any questions related to the subject of this article which is watching ITV Player overseas or some other related topic, please use the comment field.