A new season with X-Factor has started

A new season with X-Factor has started and you can of course enjoy the episodes and the beautiful singing in the ITVPlayer online. But, there is the common problem that if you try to watch this from abroad, you will not be able to.

I just made this little YouTube video which shows both the error message you receive, and what I do personally to get rid of it so that I can watch X-Factor online from outside the UK. Take a look at the video and read on.

It is though important that you might need to add a UK Postal Code along the way, and you will also need to create a user registered at ITV.com. Just go ahead and do so, and if you need a postal code and a city I recommend using L11RH and city is Liverpool!

So, now you can watch the X-Factor on ITV online easily, but if you should have any problems, just write a comment and I will do my best to help.

More information about watching ITV from abroad can be found as you press the link, and do not forget that in shortly the Rugby World Cup 2015 will start, and all the matches will be broadcasted on ITV, so do not miss out on this, and be prepared with your VPN connection and lots of popcorn so that you can watch all the matches online.