You no longer need CBS All Access to watch Man With a Plan and The Unicorn online – Netflix is enough!

Man With a Plan and The Unicorn are two very family friendly situation comedies created by CBS. They are funny, nice, and dealing with guys raising kids and running family life without a woman next to them. Of course, they might meet nice looking ladies, and especially The Unicorn gets popular among the ladies, but that doesn’t change the principle that they are left behind with no wife and that they have to raise kids!

Both these shows are CBS original shows and the best and only way to see them online has been to use CBS All Access for a very long time. Now, however, that has changed, because both shows suddenly showed up on Netflix recently. As a result, you don’t need CBS All Access to stream them, but it is enough with your Netflix subscription.

If you live outside the United States, you will need to change your country by using a VPN provider, and you can learn more about how it is done by clicking one of the links below, or watching one of the following videos.

Those links will take you to Reddit and the Reddit posts about the arrival of these shows on Netflix, and they also contain information on how you can actually stream these shows on Netflix with your current Netflix subscription if you live somewhere else. It is really easy, so make sure to check out both articles. And one more great thing is that the same method can be used for both, so if you follow the instructions on watching Man With a Plan on Netflix, you will immediately be able to stream The Unicorn on Netflix as well. Isn’t that very cool?

Have you taken a look at the clip above? If you want to get started immediately and stream Man With a Plan and The Unicorn on Netflix, click the NordVPN link below to visit their website. It will give you a fantastic discount, and at the same time protect you as they have a 30-day full refund policy.

NordVPN websitewith 70% off and 30-day refund policy

You can also use NordVPN to actually stream CBS All Access abroad, but if you don’t want to, then you don’t have to do so. It can also be used to stream BBC, NBC, PeacockTV, Disney+, and many other streaming services and TV networks online.

Go ahead and have a wonderful time streaming these two awesome CBS sit-coms online on Netflix!

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