Would you like to watch CBS from abroad? Would you like to access the content on CBS.com while residing outside the United States? In this article, I will show you how it can be done. The exact same instructions can be used to enjoy the streaming service from CBS titled Paramount+. As a result, I will also show you how you can watch and pay for Paramount+ without an American Card.

CBS is a broadcasting television network, also known by the name Columbia Broadcasting System. They are one of the leading broadcasting networks in the world and they do produce some of the best shows in the world, and some of my big favorites are first aired on CBS.

CBS has a great website and they also have a service called CBS All Access, giving you access to full seasons of their TV programs, meaning that you can easily catch up on episodes you did not watch live and so on. Even without CBS All Access you can gain access to quite a big number of episodes, but for the real fun to start, you better get yourself a subscription to CBS All Access, which is free for the first seven days.

But, what will happen if you visit CBS.com and try to watch for example an episode of Elementary while located overseas, in Europe?

Error message as you try to watch CBS (free content) abroad!
Error message as you try to watch CBS (free content) abroad!
geo location error cbs
Platform error code 403 watching CBS online
cbs error 3304

Does any of the screenshots above look familiar to you? If you try to watch CBS online outside the USA you will get such an error message because CBS is not really available overseas, it is only meant to be available for people located in the USA. The question is therefore what you can do to get access to CBS All Access and just CBS online from Europe and from Asia, Africa, and other continents because you do not want to lose out on your favorite Big Bang Theory episode, an NCIS episode or maybe a Person of Interest episode?

Watch CBS All Access from abroad

If you want to watch CBS from abroad you should simply do the following. Click the ExpressVPN button and visit their website and sign up for their services. Download their program/client to your computer, phone or tablet, connect to a server in the USA and you are good to go. And as a bonus, you will also get access to American Netflix, Hulu and much more with your ExpressVPN subscription.

You can use these exact instructions also to access and to watch content on Paramount+ outside the United States.

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It sounds easy and it is easy. Just try it, and in less than five minutes you will see that it is working. And, if you are not satisfied they do have a 30-day full refund policy. I am using this myself to watch CBS in Europe and it is smooth, so I can warmly recommend it!

Besides the chance to stream CBS, American Netflix, Hulu, and lots of other streaming services in the USA, you can also use ExpressVPN to watch BBC in the UK, NRK in Norway, Rai in Italy, ZDF in Germany, and so much more!

Have fun watching CBS abroad. If you have comments or questions, just write!

Watch CBS from abroad
I am watching The Bang Theory on CBS from abroad using ExpressVPN.

How to pay for Paramount+ without an American Card?

I had a really tough time subscribing to Paramount+, the streaming service of CBS. They have a very strict policy when it comes to payment methods, meaning that you need to own an American Payment Card registered with an actual address in the USA, and your account needs to be registered at the same address, and I have a feeling that you need to actually be located with an IP address in that city as well for this to actually work. Sounds hard, doesn’t it? How can you fix it?

This is the solution if you want to pay for CBS All Access without an American payment card.

  • The easiest solution is to use the services of USUnlocked. They will provide you with a virtual payment card issued in the USA and you can use it to pay for your Paramount+ subscription. You can find more instructions and information on how this works in this article.
  • If you have an American Apple ID with a card connected to it, you can use this to subscribe to Paramount+. But, that is probably hard as you again need an American payment card with your Apple ID. Now comes the easier version.
  • Download the Paramount+ application on your Android phone. You can download it as a .apk file from here (as you will most likely not find it in the Google Store). Once you have installed it, sign up, subscribe, and pay for the service using your Google profile and the payment card connected to it.

Hope this will work for you. If you have comments or questions, just write a comment!

24 thoughts on “Watch CBS from abroad”

  1. Is it possible to have a test of cbs All Access in Honduras to be cartain about your promotion? If possible, let me know of an specific time during weekends.

    1. They have a 1 month free trial for CBS All Access at the moment. The discount code is fallaccess. You will still need a VPN in order to get an American IP address which is needed for you to watch CBS from abroad!

  2. Do you now how to fix it with an iphone? (pay for CBS all access without an American Card)
    I have an American VPN and have downloaded CBS app

    1. At the moment I do not have a payment option for CBS All Access and iPhone, but come back in a few days because I have a method that I will try in a few days from now, just have to wait a bit more before I can actually give it a try… So will write an article then if it works 🙂

  3. Just wanted to say that the PureVPN screenshot above is a bit out of date, but the method itself still works like a sweet dream! If you have any further questions related to streaming CBS from abroad, just write your comment beneath here.

  4. How can I get the CBS application to my Android device? Which application do I need, because I have found several apps? Why can’t I find any of the real CBS apps in Google Play Store? I have managed to sign up and I can stream CBS on my laptop abroad, but I would really want to stream it on my mobile device as well.

    1. There is an Android app named CBS All Access, but personally I strongly dislike it. You should rather get CBS Full Episodes and Live TV, and you can download it manually from here https://apkpure.com/cbs-full-episodes-and-live-tv/com.cbs.app

      Download the .apk file and install it. To install it you need to accept programs from unknown sources. Once you have it installed just open it, and you should be ready to stream your favorite CBS content wherever you might be in the world. If you have trouble, just write a comment!

      Ps: The reason that you cannot find the app, is that the CBS app is only available to people with a US Google account.

  5. I have a PureVPN subscription, but I still get the error message that I am not allowed to stream CBS abroad… Can you help me out?

    1. You should just try some other server or contact the PureVPN support team. Can not test it for you right now, but will try to test it myself within shortly, so that I can give you some exact examples of PureVPN servers that work when you try to stream CBS from abroad.

    2. I have just updated the article and I now recommend using the VPN provider ExpressVPN. I know for sure that it works, they have a much better refund policy, and they even give you access to American Netflix and other services!

  6. Don’t you think you should update these pictures? They are so old, and so out of date, I have trouble believing that the content of the article itself is updated. If you keep it fresh and update it, and actually give these methods a try, I would love to follow your instructions to watch CBS overseas.

  7. hey sheldon. maybe you can try another server. if that doesn’t work, check out their support. if that doesn’t work either try using another vpn service like ivacy or nord. most of them are on black friday sale anyways.

  8. Hi,

    I would like to subscribe to CBS Full Access, but the thing is, I don’t live in the US, I need to enter a Zip code in the US, I could use an address generator, but I would not like to do that preferabbly.. Anyone have another idea?

    Kind regards


    1. Why don’t you want to use an address generator? You could register at Shipito for a virtual address in the USA and use that address as well!

  9. Just tested CBS All Access now with ExpressVPN to make sure that the instructions that are given here work, and yes, they do! If you look for a way to stream CBS All Access from abroad, follow these instructions. I use them all the time to watch my favorite shows which currently are Kevin Can Wait, Big Bang Theory and Scorpion. Enjoy!

  10. I now recommend ExpressVPN if you want to stream CBS from abroad, as they have faster servers, and they also give you access to lots of other content, for example, American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, BBC/ITV and so much more if you sign up for their services!

  11. And I have just updated the design of this guide, making it even easier and nicer to find out and discover and read how you can watch and enjoy CBS All Access all across the world!

  12. i have downloaded the app, and i use expressVPN. but still haven’t found a way to pay for CBS All Access without an american card.
    i tryed an american gift card for google play store, but my try to make an american google accout failed, and paying does not work. help?

    1. You should just use your very own Google account and pay for the service with your own account (and the card belonging to your account). There is no need for a gift card nor anything else!

  13. Personally I am a huge Star Trek fan and I can’t wait for their new animated series. This is mostly why I bought CBS All access and a fresh NordVPN account. Will be enjoying the show from tomorrow!

  14. Didn’t work for me. Installed the app on my phone, Used vpn (New York). I was able to sign up and log in on my first attempt. Nothing would play though and I couldn’t log in from my pc using the same vpn and credentials. Tried logging out on my phone but couldn’t log back in. Just got an error. Ah well.

    1. This has got to be something completely different problem. Did you contact the VPN provider about the problem? YOu should be able to use one subscription on many devices simultaneously, so the fact that you couldn’t log in and more just tells me that the error has got to be somewhere else. If you didn’t even get it to work on your computer… well don’t understand really!

  15. Personally, I am a huge Star Trek fan and I can’t wait for their new animated series. This is mostly why I bought Paramount+ and a fresh ExpressVPN account. Will be enjoying the show from tomorrow! 🙂

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