Error code 3304 on CBS – What to do about it?

I just wanted to stream an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles at the CBS website when I got the 3304 error code. It says: “Oops! We’re having some trouble playing this video. Please try again. If you continue to experience issues, check your Internet connection or restart your router.” What can be done about this error message? What is causing it?

error code 3304 cbs
Error code 3304 on What is it about? What is causing it? How to fix it?

So, what is causing this error message to show up? To be honest, I don’t have a 100% secure answer, but I can tell you what caused it for me.

Have you checked your actual Internet connection?

The error message tells you to check your Internet conection, and possibly to restart your router. Now, that isn’t very likely the problem. If you are able to read this article, then your Internet connection is okay, and you should be able to stream CBS online. So, if that might be so, what is causing the error then?

Are you using a VPN on some other proxy service?

As I tried to stream NCIS on the CBS website, I had the VPN services of VyprVPN running in the background. I immediately suspected that the VPN might cause the actual error, and thus I tried to disconnect. But, since I am located in Europe, I just got an error message telling me that CBS cannot be streamed outside the USA.

But, I understood that VyprVPN caused the trouble. I tried to disconnect from the US server I was connected to, and tried to connect to a different server instead. But, it didn’t work then either. But, as I connected to a third server, I was able to make CBS work, and I was able to stream NCIS online at the website.

I am able to stream NCIS on the CBS website, finally!

What is the conclusion? You might see this error if you are using a VPN blocked by CBS, or connecting to a VPN/proxy server blocked by CBS.

Based on my experience, I can say that VyprVPN works with CBS. But, not all their servers, so it might be that you will have to connect to several servers for this to work properly. If you want to try VyprVPN, click the link below.


VyprVPN has a full refund policy valid for 30 days, so there is no risk in trying. You can also use the service to stream HBO Max, Netflix content in several countries, and to stream Amazon Prime outside the USA.

Another VPN that works even better with CBS

Have you seen the error message above? Are you annoyed by the CBS error 3304? Use a VPN that works even better with CBS and CBS All Access. Based on my Experience, SurfsharkVPN is a brilliant VPN for VyprVPN. They have a SmartDNS service implemented, making sure that no matter which US server you connect to, you will still be able to watch CBS. That makes it easy, and SurfsharkVPN is even able to give you access to Netflix content in more than 15 countries and so much more. It should also come as a bonus that it is cheaper than VyprVPN.

Surfshark VPN websitewith 83% discount and 30-day full refund

Click the button above to visit the SurfsharkVPN website and to give it a try. You will receive a fantastic discount as you do so!

You should now be ready to watch CBS online and all across the world without seein the error code 3304 anymore.

I hope this article has helped you. If you still have further comments or questions, write them in the comment field and I will do my best to help you!

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