Which are the best series for kids on CBS All Access?

Do you have kids in the home? Do you have a CBS All Access subscription? Which are the shows you should turn on to bring some peace to the home while the kids enjoy some educational and fun stuff on the TV? Here you will find some good piece of advice relating what to show your kids on CBS All Access!

First of all, the kids are the most precious we have. They are the future, and we do not want to harm them by showing them content not suitable for their ages. As a result, the difference is big when it comes to what you can show a 3-year old and a 5-year old and a 7-year old!

But, it is also important to remember that the TV isn’t supposed to be the teacher of our kids, that is the task of the parents, grandparents and those surrounding the kids. In other words, spend more time with the kids than the amount of time you place them in front of the TV. That might sound like a dream, but it is very wise and will for sure bring pleasure both to the kids and the parents, and help them grow healthy!

programs for kids on cbs

But, what to stream on CBS All Access for kids?

First of all, there are a lot of Nickelodeon Junior shows available with the CBS All Access subscription, and those are suitable for almost all kids. They are quite harmless, without special effects, and they often contain cute figures and also teach subjects such as friendship, cooperation, and other useful values.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is the story of a pig family and all their challenges. Here you will face Peppa Pig as he gets sick and has to see the doctor, as he goes to school, at home with family, as they receive guests from abroad, and so much more. The topics are really nice and useful, it is funny, and kids from 3 years can easily grasp and follow the story. And it should come as a bonus that 7 year old kids also enjoy this show!

Paw Patrol

This is a great series in which we meet a group of dogs working together with a boy in order to solve problems in the neighborhood. This can be people in trouble on the sea, popcorn disappearing from a festival, and other “harmless” stuff. In order to solve the problems, they have to work together and everyone has to do their best to help out!

Kids aged 3 will enjoy watching the dogs, and as they get older, they will enjoy the story itself as well! Perfect entertainment for kids!

Dora the Explorer

This is for somewhat older kids, let us say from 5 years and up. Here they have to solve riddles and small quizzes, and Dora is asking questions to the viewers all the time. As a result, this is quite educational and the children will learn about different animals and topics in each episode as they help Dora solve the riddles ahead of her.

Go Diego Go

This is exactly the same as Dora, just with a boy in the main role instead of Dora.

Max & Ruby

Perfectly harmless TV series for kids aged 3 who want to watch something on the TV. As they grow older, this might turn a bit boring, but still – a great show for the entire family together on CBS.

Bob the Builder

This is quite similar to Paw Patrol, except for the fact that it deals with Bob and his working crew always solving problems together. In other words, this is a problem solving series, but the focus is not on “saving people and others in danger” but through constructing and using tools, building up and saving the day in the process. This is ideal for kids 4-7 years old, and maybe even older.

Alvinn and the Chipmunks

This is fun for those who are around school age. Here we meet Alvin and his friends as they face trouble in school, at home, and elsewhere. Might not be as educating, but still, they touch topics such as morality, so it isn’t the worst!

These are some tips for what to stream on CBS All Access with kids in the home. If you want to know more, just visit the CBS All Access website and choose TV series and select kids from the menu. You will then see all the programs deemed as programs for kids according to CBS. Not all of them are suitable for kids, but you should, of course, take a look yourself before you present it to the kids!

If you want to know more about how you can stream CBS All Access while abroad, please keep looking around here at cbs.fromabroad.org.

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