Should I watch NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS?

If you are a fan of action TV series then you might know about NCIS. But, what about NCIS: Los Angeles? Is it worth watching? Should you use some hours watching some episodes, or should you watch something else instead?

Should I watch NCIS Los Angeles?
Should I watch NCIS Los Angeles?

Before you start watching there are a few big differences between NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles you should know about. Because, while NCIS is more about using the brain to solve the cases, NCIS: Los Angeles is much more about using guns and weapons to solve problems. In other words, if you are in for action and gun fights then NCIS: Los Angeles is probably more like the show for you. But, if you are a bigger fan of masterminds who using wisdom and insight solve crimes, then you should probably watch the normal NCIS instead.

The main actors in NCIS: Los Angeles are Chris O’Donnell playing agent G. C0allen, Daniela Ruah playing agent Kensy Blie, LL Cool J playing agent Sam Hanna, Eric Christian Olsen playing the clumsy, but cool agent Marty Deeks and Linda Hunt playing the boss Hetty Lange. These are quite big stars and they do their uttermost to create a good show, and I have personally watched two entire seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles and enjoyed it a lot, but I must admit that personally I would maybe watch the normal NCIS instead, because from time to time this became to violent. Now, this is not really violent, but with a tender heart as mine, this was this sometimes to much. However, do understand that I really loved 24, and this was not more brutal than 24, but for some reason I would prefer NCIS to NCIS: Los Angeles, at least on some days!

You can watch both TV series at the CBS website and if you want to know more about how you can watch CBS online from outside the United States, read the following article.

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