Elementary season 4 starting tonight

Sherlock HolmesTonight is the night Elementary fans have been waiting for since late spring. Season 4 of Elementary is coming to CBS tonight and it is with great expectations that I watched the trailer for the new season and I am really excited about the fact that Sherlock’s father will arrive in this season.

On the CBS website you can not watch the live stream of the channels broadcast, but what you can do is that you can watch the newest Elementary episodes on demand. The new episodes are normally added a few hours after original air time, so if you will visit the CBS website in about 24 hours the new episode will for sure be added already and you can get started watching the first episode of the fourth season with Elementary.

In the new season it also seems to be clear that Sherlock and Watson are partners that can not be separated, and neither of them is interesting in working without the other one. All this information comes first of all from the trailer, so take a look at the trailer for yourself and get ready for season 4 of Elementary.

If you want to watch the newest episodes on demand on the CBS website for free, then you can read more about watching CBS from abroad at the front page.

I look forward to the new Elementary episodes. Do you?

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