Is it worth shopping from in Europe?

If you are living in a European country with no present Amazon store, then you might consider shopping from Is it worth doing so? Will you save money shopping from

I am speaking out of experience when it comes to shopping from and other Amazon stores around the world. I am living in a European country without an Amazon store, and for that reason I have ordered lots of different products from But, there is one giant problem when it comes to ordering goods and products from to Europe, and that is VAT. Recently I ordered a mini-projector from to Europe, simply for the sake of trying it and to test how it works with shipping, VAT and everything. Well, this is what the math looked like:

Now, this was just a test for me, but considering the fact that I could have bought the same projector in Germany, from and have it shipped to me for free and no VAT needed, I must say that I could have bought two mini-projectors for the same total price as I paid to get one delivered to me from the United States.

This is just one example. If you order for amounts beneath the VAT limit, then you will be able to save money on that. You will also save money if the size of the package to be delivered is smaller. There are in other words ways to get things cheaper, but in general it can be said that shopping from to have goods delivered to Europe is an expensive way to do shopping.

ordering from to Europe

Where should you shop then?

Since shopping from is so expensive, then there is little doubt about the fact that shopping from Amazon in the UK or Amazon in Germany are the best options. The German Amazon store is in general a bit cheaper than the UK store, and they have way better prices on shipping to abroad. And, if you order something that these stores will not forward to your country, then you can read my instructions telling about package forwarding companies in Europe that will help you with that.

You might say that the German Amazon store only is available in German, and that it is a big disadvantage, but it shouldn’t be that for you anymore. For a long while it has been possible to access the German Amazon store in English, so just click the link to find out more about how it can be done.

So, go ahead and do your Amazon shopping, but if you listen to me, shop from one of the European Amazon stores instead of the American Amazon store.

It might be that shopping is better from if you live in Europe. But, the Amazon Prime available in the USA is far better and bigger than the Prime subscriptions available in Germany and England. So, if you are looking for an Amazon Prime subscription in Europe, then I can warmly recommend getting access to US Amazon Prime in Europe. Click the link to find out more about how it can be done.


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