A new Fubo TV app ready in the Amazon Store

Fubo TV app for Amazon StoreFubo TV just got bigger and better, but it took a few weeks for the improvements to turn available for people using the Fubo TV app. But, the new and improved version is now available!

It was almost by a coincidence that I did a search for Fubo TV at Amazon.com today. As I saw the results I immediately noticed that the Fubo TV application had been polished, and that it now reflects the major improvements and TV networks that joined Fubo TV in February 2017.

If you have a Fubo TV Premier subscription, you can now watch and stream NBC, Fox, Fox Sports channels, NBCSN and lots of other channels live at your Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and on lots of similar tools and devices. You can of course stream Fubo TV on your computer, laptop, tablet or telephone as well, but since this is a website dealing with Amazon and Amazon Prime, the most important to say right now is that the Fubo TV app for Amazon devices has been updated.

The new Fubo TV app looks great!

As you start the Fubo TV application you will at once be able to choose which TV channel to watch. It is kind of easier to just visit the Fubo TV website, at least if you have a subscription because you want to stream sports online. There you will see all the different events available live right now which is easy to use, while you in the app will have to know which channel is to broadcast the event or match you want to watch, and then you choose that channel.

It isn’t that hard however, because you also have a schedule where you can check what programs will be broadcasted on which networks when. You can thus easily maneuver inside the Fubo TV app for Amazon devices and find the match you might be interested in.

Can I use the Fubo TV app abroad

Just like I often tell how you can use and watch Amazon Prime from abroad, there has got to be a way to use the Fubo TV app abroad? Or maybe not? Of course there is. Since the Fire TV uses the network connection provided to it by a router, you will either have to run a router with a VPN connection, or simply setup a SmartDNS connection on your router. You can read more about how to use your Fire TV abroad, and thus you will also find out how you can use the Fubo TV app on your Fire TV (Stick) abroad as you read that article. If you are simply interested in streaming Fubo TV abroad on your computer or telephone, visit fubotv.fromabroad.org.

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  1. I have a fubo account, and I now own a kindle fire, but can’t find a fubo app to use on this kindle! Help???

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