Prime Music vs Spotify

Once you sign up for Amazon Prime you also get access to Prime Music. How good is it? Can it compete with Spotify?

It is quite incredible how much stuff you get once you sign up for Amazon Prime. Not only do you get to watch movies and TV series online, but you can also get free shipping on your orders in the US, you get a free Prime book every month, you get access to the Prime Reading (lending library), you get free unlimited storage for photos and you can also stream music for free with Prime Music. But, how good is actually Prime Music? I have used Spotify to listen to music for a long time, but recently I decided to take a closer look at Prime Music to see how good the service actually is. Could it work for me to cancel my Spotify subscription in order to use Prime Music only?

What is Prime Music?

It is important to understand what Prime Music is. It is the free product you get access to once you have an Amazon Prime membership. You can read more about how to sign up for Amazon Prime from abroad right here. Amazon describes this product themselves at their website using these words: “Over two million songs, always ad-free and on-demand.” This sounds great, and if you do not have Spotify, this will work great for those who want to listen to great music on the radio channels/already created playlists available within Prime Music, but if you want to pick and choose from all the music you like and love to create your own playlists, this is where Prime Music proves its lack.

Two millions songs are a lot, but it is not enough if you want to listen to all the newest songs from your favorite artists. And it is not enough if you want to listen to all your favorite songs from old times either. It feels more like a bit of luck if the artist and the song you are looking for is actually available with Amazon Prime. So, this is the disadvantage with Prime Music. But, considering the fact that you get it for free, it is still a great bonus coming with your Amazon Prime subscription.

Prime Music vs Spotify

What are the other Prime Music subscriptions available?

If you have an Amazon Echo, Dot or a Tap, then you can sign up for only 4 USD a month to get access to all songs and play music unlimited on ONE device, and one device only. This will not work on computers or cell phones, only on the actual Echo, Dot or Tap you use to sign up.

For those who want a service similar to Spotify, the Amazon Music Unlimited is the best option. The price for Amazon Prime members is 8 USD a month, while non-Prime members will have to pay 10 USD a month. Those prices are actually higher that the Spotify prices, but the product you get is mostly the same, so I would rather go for Spotify if I had to make the decision for myself. But, it is also a question about which product you like, which application you prefer… so feel free to make that decision for yourself!

Amazon also has a Family Unlimited Music option, which is great if the entire family wants to listen to an unlimited amount of songs at the same time. This is available for as many as many as six people, which is a great bonus for families who do not want to have separate subscriptions for everyone.

But, just to check it out with Spotify, I just noticed that they have a family option available now as well. In Europe the price is only 8 Euro per month, while the American price is 15 USD per month. Maybe you should move to Europe and sign up here instead? Or just create a European user instead?

Spotify is the winner

If you have read through this entire article, then you might feel a bit wiser right now. I would personally go for Spotify (or I will therefore continue to use Spotify), but you can of course make the decision that seems the best to you!

What do you think? Do you prefer Spotify or Prime Music? Write a comment and let me know!

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